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eKare inSight™ 3D Wound Measurement & Assessment


eKare inSight® Advanced Wound Care

eKare inSight® is a digital wound management system that provides advanced 3D imaging, accurate wound measurement and tissue composition, as well as artificial intelligence-based assessments at the point of care.

Traditional wound care practices often face challenges with inconsistent wound measurement processes and a lack of quality assessment data to support evidence-based care. eKare inSight® gives clinicians a powerful tool to streamline wound management and treat patients more efficiently. With inSight®, clinicians can collect full 3D wound data at the point of care and manage the data electronically with a mobile device. inSight’s advanced imaging feature uses artificial intelligence to provide real time feedback on quality of the image within seconds. inSight complies with FDA / EMA data reporting requirements and is 21CFR Part 11 & HIPPA & GDPR compliant.

Use Cases

  • Wound care clinicians utilize inSight® to collect full 3D data at the point of care, standardize the data collection process to eliminate variability, and provide easy access to accurate wound care data and analytics. Assessment and treatment documentation can also be captured at the bedside or as a follow up via any supported browser.
  • Healthcare system managers can take advantage of data & analytics to support QA programs and analyze treatment quality to ensure and prove wound healing is achieved.
  • Clinical Researchers can use inSight to collect high-quality data for studies, standardize the data collection process across study sites, and comply with regulatory authority data collection requirements.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner Powerchart


eKare inSight allows for a seamless integration of accurate and reliable wound measurement and photography in a consolidated system.

Dr. Paul J. Kim, Department of Plastic Surgery, Georgetown University Hospital

Key Features

Advanced 3D Wound Imaging

inSight’s advanced imaging technology yields high quality 3D wound images and provides real time quality feedback within seconds. Wound images are captured accurately using infrared light and advanced built-in optics of new generation iPhones to scan the wound surface.

Accurate Wound Measurement & Tissue Composition

inSight provides wound dimensions including length/width, depth, area & volume at the point of care and approximates wound tissue composition through machine learning. This is a 100% non-contact, non-invasive means of obtaining better data and provides a standardized approach to wound imaging and assessment.

Intuitive Interface & User Dashboard

Get a real-time overview of your clinical operations and streamline your documentation process through workflow optimization and intuitive UI. Easily export images and assign multiple levels of user roles and permissions for seamless communication with wound management teams.

Analytics and Metrics Reporting

Have full control over your data through our Analytics platform to generate actionable insights. Customize and generate PDF reports or export CSV files to meet clinical and compliance requirements.

Telehealth Video Conferencing

Convenient and secure solutions to support remote patient monitoring programs, including; live video conferencing, secure messaging, and patient participation in the assessment process via simple wound image and assessment submission when in-person visits are not practical.