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eBroselow SafeDose

SafeDose helps clinicians quickly obtain medication dosing and administration. based on the patient's weight and the dosing indication, it provides exact and concise instructions for administering thousands of mediation indications.

Dr. James Broselow is the creator of the Broselow Tape, which is now used by virtually all hospitals in the US and Canada. It is the gold standard for pediatric medication administration. SafeDose is a medication reference that takes the Broselow Tape to the next level with thousands of medication indications. Like the Broselow Tape, SafeDose reduces errors with an easy-to-use visual approach. 30% of the human brain's cortex is devoted to vision. SafeDose's design as well as its content provides a much cleaner and quicker way for caregivers to mix and administer medications that using traditional references.

Use Cases

  • SafeDose is a medication reference primarily for physicians and nurses. Physicians use it as a medical reference when ordering medications. Nurses use it when administering medications to double check doses ordered by physicians and to obtain mixing instructions and administration information in greater detail than any other medication reference available today.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner Powerchart

Key Features


SafeDose uses PALS and ACLS algorithms for providers to quickly access information in an easy to follow path. There are links within the algorithm that will take the provider to the appropriate dose for administering medications during a code without having to do any drug calculations.


SafeDose provides dosing information in mg's and mL's, so there is no calculation that needs to be performed by the provider. SafeDose also provides administration information as well as adverse reactions, y-site compatibility and warnings.

Infusion page

SafeDose provides the appropriate infusion rate as well as mixing instructions for those instances that the provider needs to mix an infusion.

Burn Calculator

SafeDose has an interactive burn calculator to assist in identifying areas of injury, calculating percentage and calculating fluid resuscitation.

QuickDose Sheet

SafeDose has pdf QuickDose sheets for resuscitation, RSI, anaphylaxis, and seizures that can be printed for a patient that allows easy access to dosing information as well as specific equipment if needed, when computer access is not readily available.