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EBMcalc FHIR App

EBMcalc is the premier source of Evidence-Based Medicine calculators. Using SMART on FHIR standards our new EBMcalc FHIR App pre-populates calculators with clinical data pulled directly from the Cerner EHR.

EBMcalc is the leading source of interactive medical calculators. Referencing hundreds of medical journal articles and textbooks EBMcalc creates streamlined interactive versions of medical equations, clinical criteria sets and decision trees bringing the medical literature to life. FHIR-enabled EBMCalc is able to pre-populate clinical data via FHIR standards to work directly in the Cerner EHR, saving clinicians valuable time while also promoting evidence-based clinical practice.

Use Cases

  • A critically ill patient is evaluated in the ICU. Their provider quickly accesses EBMcalc through PowerChart, and reviews various risk assessment calculators such as SOFA, qSOFA, NEWS2, Apache2, or others. The required lab and vital sign data are automatically entered into each calculator to speed assessment.
  • A 10 year old boy is seen in the ER with a blood pressure of 166/82. The provider quickly selects pediatric blood pressure assessment in EBMcalc, and the boy’s blood pressure reading, age, and height are transferred into the app. A detailed calculation of systolic and diastolic percentiles is presented, and the interpretation is pasted into a clinical note.
  • A 56 year old woman is evaluated for complaints of chest pain. The provider turns to EBMcalc and review various cardiovascular risk calculators, such as the HEART Score, TIMI scores, ACC/AHA calculator, MESA, PROCAM, or the latest Revised Pooled Cohort Cardiovascular Risk calculator. All required input data are automatically transferred via the SMART on FHIR interface between PowerChart and EBMcalc.
  • A 45 year old overweight man is evaluated in the office for concerns of new onset diabetes The provider accesses the Diabetes Risk calculator in EBMcalc, all required data is transferred, and the provider and patient can quickly review the calculated risk.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet

Version Details

Standalone web application compatible with Cerner Powerchart


“EBMcalc is an exceptional user-friendly tool designed specifically to help save time and increase accuracy. EBMcalc is far ahead of many other apps in rapid responsiveness and attention to a focus on ease of use, pulling in so many things without user burden. Having worked with many app developers, few provide this much value in such a user-centered way.”

Brian S. Alper, MD, MSPH, FAAFP, FAMIA Founder of DynaMed and VP of Innovations EBSCO Health

Key Features

Safety First!

EBMcalc launches in patient context and loads into PowerChart making a secure, SMART on FHIR connection to the patient’s data. Nothing is sent outside of your domain firewalls.

Save valuable Time!

Search directly by typing in a phrase or by calculator group. The system automatically loads the patient’s problem list and EBMcalc compiles a list of context specific calculators available.

Reduce data entry error!

Calculate and display a patient’s cardiovascular risk instantly by choosing the latest Cardiovascular Risk calculator. The tool automatically populates the patient data needed to fill the inputs: Age, Sex, Lab Data, Medication Data, Presence of Diabetes, and Smoking Status.

Ensure peace of mind

Paste important calculation details, results and literature reference directly into the clinical notes by using the copy-clipboard functionality. This saves you valuable time and ensures that all the important information you need is accurately transferred to your note.

Pediatric calculators you can trust

The EBMcalc FHIR App has a full suite of pediatric growth calculators offering both direct growth percentile calculation as well as traditional growth graphs using data obtained directly from the EHR database. The pediatric collection also includes the newest American Academy of Pediatrics approved Pediatric Blood Pressure Assessment calculator.