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Dynamic Health

Dynamic Health is an evidence-based tool designed to help nurses and allied health professionals master skills, obtain fast answers to questions, and foster a culture of evidence-based practice.

Dynamic Health offers a robust collection of evidence-based clinical content designed to help users ensure confidence in the patient care they deliver. Created by a team of clinical experts and employing a rigorous evidence-based methodology, Dynamic Health includes the following: extensive skill and competency development content, evidence-based disease and conditions topics, signs and symptoms information, test and lab topics, and care interventions to support decision-making. Additionally, Dynamic Health makes it easier than ever to earn continuing education units (CEUs) with in-context continuing education allowing users to earn while they learn whenever they use the tool to answer a clinical question.

Use Cases

  • A nurse working in the ED triages a 6-month-old infant whose mother indicates that the child has been very sleepy and seems off. The nurse identifies lethargy in the child and consults the evidence-based disease and conditions topic on "Pediatric Lethargy" in Dynamic Health to obtain a list of possible causes for the lethargy and anticipated diagnostic testing.

  • A nursing preceptor is working with a new nurse resident. They are caring for a patient who has a high fall risk. The preceptor has the nurse resident review the skills checklist for "Fall Prevention Plan Implementation" in Dynamic Health and then monitors the nurse resident as he executes the appropriate interventions.

  • A nurse manager is preparing information for a policy committee meeting. She consults Dynamic Health and finds that the solution offers great evidence-based skill topics that support the policies the committee is reviewing at their next meeting. The nurse manager recommends to the committee that they link directly to the Dynamic Health skills from their electronic policy and procedure manual to save time on upkeep and ensure the content is as current as possible as Dynamic Health is continuously updated to reflect the most current best practices.

  • Its time for an inpatient floor nurse to renew their nursing license. To do so, continuing education credits are required. The nurse has been using Dynamic Health regularly with a personal user account to answer various clinical questions. Since Dynamic Health offers CE credits anytime a user utilizes the product to answer a clinical question, the nurse can easily review their accrued CE credits and redeem them in bulk to support their license renewal.

Available in These Countries

  • This solution is available worldwide.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Version Details

Compatible with Powerchart

Key Features

User-friendly Interface

Dynamic Health's streamlined, user-friendly interface allows nurses and allied health professionals to find the information they need with speed and accuracy. Easily explore a variety of evidence-based content types, including diseases and conditions, signs and symptoms, tests and labs, care intervention, skills, and drug guides.

Create a Personal User Account & Earn CEs

Users can create a personal user account to earn continuing education credits every time they use Dynamic Health to answer a clinical question. The feature also allows users to access Dynamic Health anytime, anywhere, and quickly revisit recently viewed content.

Clinical Decision Support Content

Our robust collection of clinical decision support content covers disease and conditions, signs and symptoms, tests and labs as well as care interventions. This content offers thorough evidence-based overview of diseases and conditions, guidance on abnormalities that can indicate medical condition, information on imaging, lab test, assessments, and diagnostic procedures and guidance for treatment and actions to be performed on behalf of the patient or their family.

Nursing Skills

Skills supply users with step-by-step illustrated guides and checklists to help them master critical skills.

Drug Guide

Drug Guides offer thousands of trusted drug monographs from Davis's Drug Guide.