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DynaMed is a clinical decision support solution offering the most current evidence and guidance curated by leading experts in a user-friendly, personalized experience to provide fast answers to clinical questions.

DynaMed offers a robust collection of evidence-based clinical content designed to help clinician find fast, actionable answers to questions at the point of care. Covering a wide variety of specialties, DynaMed content is created by a team of world-class clinicians who utilize a rigorous evidence-based process and is infused with clinical expertise that complements and clarifies the evidence. DynaMed quickly identify and surface the right content, saving users valuable time. Topics are streamlined, user friendly and include a wealth of visual content, including images and algorithms. Users can also easily earn CME and MOC credit for all their DynaMed usage.

Use Cases

  • A 55 y/o man presents to the ED with acute shortness of breath and pleuritic pain. Vitals are stable, but a PE is suspected. Using the Pisa Calculator in DynaMed to assess risk, he is deemed to have intermediate risk and utilizing the DynaMed Pulmonary Embolism topic, a quantitative D-Dimer is ordered. Pending results, a chest x-ray is ordered and is normal. The D-Dimer comes back normal, and based on the DynaMed topic recommendation, no further testing is done, and he is discharged.

  • A 42 y/o female with pneumonia rapidly develops acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and is placed on a ventilator. The patient proves difficult to oxygenate. Using the DynaMed topic on Ventilator Management for ARDS algorithm for management, the patient is placed on initial settings of respiratory rate <35, tidal volume (Vt) 8 ml/kg ideal body weight, positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP) of 5 and 100% fraction of inspired oxygen (FIO2). Plateau pressure (PlatP) exceeds 30 mmH2O, so using the algorithm Vt is decreased gradually to 6 cm/kg. PlatP improves, but oxygenation worsens, so PEEP is increased, but only as much as Plat P remains < 30 mm H2O. Partial pressure of oxygen/FIO2 (P/F) remains poor at < 150 mm Hg. Neuromuscular blockade and prone positioning are used, resulting in improved oxygenation allowing downward titration of FIO2.

  • A 24 y/o female with known asthma presents with a severe exacerbation requiring intubation and mechanical ventilation. Initial Peak pressure (PP) on the ventilator is very high. Per the DynaMed Critical Asthma Syndrome topic, the ventilator is set to allow permissive hypercapnia with tidal volume at 6 ml/kg ideal body weight, inspiratory flow of 100 L/min, and inspiratory to expiratory ratio of 1:4 and with the goal of plateau pressure (PPlat) < 30 cm H2O. PP improves, but PPlat remains above 30 cm H2O. IV steroids, continuous albuterol nebulization and magnesium sulfate are given per DynaMed management suggestions. PPlat comes down to < 30 cm H2O.

Available in These Countries

  • The solution is available worldwide.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Version Details

Compatible with PowerChart

Key Features

Designed for Ease of Use

DynaMed's streamlined, user-friendly interface allows clinicians to find the information they need with speed and accuracy. Users can navigate content via the search box in up to 15 languages, browse by Specialties or Drugs A-Z and easily jump back into recently viewed and followed topics.

Easy to Digest Content

DynaMed's topics are created with the time-crunched clinician in mind. Topics offer a sleek bulleted format to facilitate fast answers to questions at the point of care, comprehensive but intuitive navigation, quick links to the original evidence for deep dives and images and algorithms to support effective decision-making.

CME and MOC Made Easy

DynaMed makes it easier than ever for users to earn CME and MOC credits. Users simply create a personal user account to earn CME and MOC credits for all their DynaMed usage. A personal user account also allows users to access DynaMed anytime, anywhere and quickly revisit recently viewed and followed topics.

Convenient Drug Interaction Checker

DynaMed's drug interaction checker allows users to check for various drug interactions, including drug/drug, drug/food, drug/tobacco, drug/lactation, drug/ethanol, drug/pregnancy, and drug/lab. Users can also check for interaction for multiple drugs at a time and easily link to the full drug monograph provided by IBM Micromedex.

Take DynaMed On-The-Go

DynaMed provides users with a complimentary mobile app available on both iOS and Android devices, enabling users to access DynaMed anytime, anywhere.