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DoseMeRx combines smart technology with science, leveraging clinically validated PK/PD models, patient characteristics, drug concentrations, and genotype to accurately individualize a dose in seconds.

DoseMeRx is the world’s first precision dosing platform developed specifically for clinical practice to optimize dosing and streamline workflow, reduce adverse drug events, decrease costs, and improve patient outcomes.

Use Cases

  • An adult infectious disease pharmacist adjusts a vancomycin dose for a MRSA patient, aiming for a trough concentration of 10-15mcg/mL, although the only assay available was taken three hours earlier than intended, he uses DoseMeRx to calculate the trough level reached and a safe therapeutic dose without an unnecessary and expensive additional assay.

  • A clinical pharmacist adjusts vancomycin dosing for an 11-day old 3.6kg neonate admitted to NICU with sepsis. DoseMeRx automatically accounts for renal impairment and recommends lowering the dose by 20mg in comparison to guidelines, placing the patient in the safe and therapeutic range to avoid the risk of acute kidney injury.

  • A pediatric infectious disease pharmacist receives only the first post-infusion blood test for a 16-year-old cystic fibrosis patient on IV tobramycin and by using DoseMeRx, an accurate AUC is calculated with only one assay, where without DoseMeRx, no calculation of pharmacokinetics would have been possible.

  • A BMT clinical pharmacy specialist is taking care of patient admitted for HSCT and plan for conditioning regimen includes busulfan. Conventional method for measuring AUC and adjusting the busulfan dose is challenging due to the need to draw 5-8 blood samples every time AUC is measured. DoseMeRx is able to accurately estimate AUC using only two blood samples and provides greater flexibility for timing of samples collected.

Available in These Countries

  • Available worldwide.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet

Key Features

Real-time visualization of PK/PD img

Real-time visualization of PK/PD.

Therapeutic drug monitoring no longer needs to be laborious or trial and error. Accurately calculate an individualized dose with a single level to reach your therapeutic target quicker. See how well the model fits and monitor renal function by tracking serum creatinine all on one page.

easily simulate predicted outcomes img

Easily simulate predicted outcomes.

Individualize a dose to a range of therapeutic targets with more flexibility. Compare results to guideline recommendations to optimize your decision-making.

Quickly see different dosing regimens to reach therapeutic targets img

Quickly see different dosing regimens to reach therapeutic targets.

The Alternative Dosing Matrix shows multiple dosing options from the individualized recommendation, both by dose amount and interval. Simply click any desired outcome and the regimen will automatically populate for you to calculate.