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DMEscripts provides ePrescribing in just a few clicks for medical equipment used in the home like oxygen, walkers, wheelchairs, CPAP, continuous glucose monitors and more.

As a healthcare provider, you don't have time to go through several back-and-forth interactions with a DME supplier for every medical equipment order. DMEscripts simplifies the often tedious ordering process so patients, providers, and suppliers all get what they need faster.

Use Cases

Here's how it works...

  • Care team members (discharge or care/case management, nurses, medical assistants, etc.) create an order by launching DMEscripts directly within Cerner PowerChart, then transferring the patient's demographic information and other relevant order data like supporting documentation and finally answering a few simple questions about the patient's condition and encounter.

  • DMEscripts helps determine which equipment the patient may qualify for and the supporting documentation that will be needed to generate an accurate order the first time.

  • Prescribers (Physicians and PAs/NPs) use DMEscripts to sign and send the order directly to a DME supplier.

  • Care team members can use DMEscripts to quickly communicate with the DME supplier and track order status from submission to delivery.

Available in These Countries

  • USA

Supported Devices (Designed and optimized for Cerner)

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner Powerchart

Utilizes FHIR R4 and DSTU3


Key Features

DMEscripts simplifies the medical equipment ordering process

Whether you’re a healthcare provider or a DME supplier, you don’t have time to go through several back-and-forth interactions for every order. DMEscripts' fast and easy step-by-step process can help you complete more than 90% of your orders the first time.

Confidently Pre-qualify Patients

DMEscripts sorts through hundreds of products and thousands of rules to ask just the right questions that will make sure your patient is receiving the correct equipment based on their approved medical benefits.

Accuracy with Complete Documentation

DMEscripts saves time and rework by automatically collecting and generating the exact documentation needed to submit orders and send it to the DME supplier in one digital package.

Transparency with Order Tracking

DMEscripts helps both healthcare providers and DME suppliers track the order status from submission to delivery through a central interface that eliminates the need for follow-up.