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Definition Health

Definition Health delivers a clinically proven digital surgical pathway. We enable healthcare providers to increase capacity and efficiency and support longer term ambitions for digitalisation, personalisation and sustainable care.

Our combination of web-based apps (Definition Connect, Definition LifeBox & Definition Recovery) refocuses the surgical pathway around the patient, to deliver continuity of care and avoid unnecessary appointments and cancellations.

Using a secure two-way information exchange system, patients receive personalised support and education at every stage of the journey.

Our pathway is proven to reduce the need for face to face appointments, offer a list of surgery-ready patients, facilitate remote working and reduce readmissions through continuous virtual support.

We deliver a sustainable digital solution for overstretched clinical teams, faced with an ever-increasing demand for personalised patient support and rising expectations|

Use Cases

  • Situation
    A study found that one hospital’s patients spent 3 hours 12 minutes for each pre-operative assessment (POA) appointment. Nurses spent 1 hour 30 minutes for each appointment. In 2018, this equated to 16,320 hours of patient time and 7,650 hours of clinician time.

  • Aspiration
    The hospital wanted to streamline the POA process by sending and receiving key information earlier in the pathway. This included receiving patient health information & delivering health and procedure information.

  • Solution
    • The POA service was redesigned to increase efficiency for patients and staff.
    • Patients have a face-to-face appointment with a surgeon. They then visit a drop-in POA for essential tests. At this point, it’s identified if the patient needs help with the digital questionnaire.
    • Patients receive a LifeBox login to complete the health screening questionnaire.
    • They can watch informative videos related to the questionnaire at home and can submit questions if they need more information.
    • The LifeBox dashboard and comorbidities questionnaire support clinical decisions.
    • Patients are allocated face-to-face or telephone appointments with a POA nurse and anaesthetist if required.
    • If a patient has not completed the questionnaire or watched the videos, they receive a prompt. When patients watch a video, LifeBox creates a record.
    • Videos are in English and patients who need translation can attend a face-to-face appointment with an interpreter.
    • Telephone appointments last an average of 13 minutes and face-to-face appointments last an average of 30 to 40 minutes.
    • Up to 3 POA clinic nurses work on patient follow-up each day. They review test results and optimise patients promptly.
    • The LifeBox dashboard informs daily POA safety huddles and Friday progress report meetings.

  • Impact
    • Completed POAs increased by 800 patients per month.
    • Previously, only 33% of patients attended a preoperative information group. Now 100% of patients receive the same information through videos.
    • 7.8% of patients need help with the digital POA and attend a 15 minute face-to-face appointment with a nursing associate. The information is then validated by a registered nurse. The nurse also supports patients when they watch the information videos and can answer questions.
    • Printing and postal costs for patient information have reduced by roughly £11,000.
    • Before COVID-19, the system reduced face-to-face outpatient appointments by over 3,000. It saved the unit over £96,000 for every 5,000 patients.
    • Following COVID-19, all 7,000 appointments are virtual with no face-to-face outpatient appointments. This has reduced costs and CO2 emissions.

  • Definition Health & Cerner
    • Digital Pre-operative Assessment - Patients provide information about their health, medical history, medication and lifestyle from the comfort of their home via a user-friendly digital health questionnaire. Answers are then validated by a clinician before being automatically transferred to Cerner Millennium’s Problems/Diagnosis list, removing any need to manually populate this information pre-surgery.
    • Pre-operative Documentation - Upon completing a digital pre-operative assessment, LifeBox generates a set of clinical documents containing vital information about the patient’s health and suitability for anaesthetic and surgery. These documents can be transferred to Cerner Millennium and made available for Anaesthetists, Surgeons, Physios and any other clinician in the hospital to view.
    • Medication - LifeBox collates a structured list of medication via the patient’s health questionnaire and, following nurse validation, can automatically transfer this essential pre-operative information to the Medication list in Cerner Millennium.
    • Allergies - The LifeBox health questionnaire gathers detailed information on a patient’s allergies, including the substance and reaction, and automatically transfers this to the Allergies list in Cerner Millennium using SNOMED codes.

Available in These Countries

  • UK

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner

Key Features

Video consultation image

Video consultation

We offer practitioner-to-patient video appointments, including secure online information sharing, for virtual “face-to-face” connection and communication. Initial consultations, pre-operative assessment and post-operative care can be facilitated through our secure video consultation service.

Digital triage and pre-assessment image

Part of Definition Connect
Digital triage and pre-assessment

We offer comprehensive digital health pre-operative assessment for patients at home, awaiting surgery. LifeBox provides clinically proven solutions for hospitals and clinics to personalise patient care and maximise efficiency delivering huge cost benefits and increased patient satisfaction.

Virtual ward image

Part of Definition LifeBox
Virtual ward

Our “end-to-end” process offers untapped insight into patients’ recovery and facilitates unique personalised care. Patients are able to securely communicate and provide recovery updates from home, improving recovery time and avoiding wasted appointment slots.

Patient resources image

Part of Definition Recovery
Patient resources

We offer patients unique access to educational materials and a secure record of their perioperative journey, enabling insight and ownership throughout from the comfort of their own home. 92% of patients find educational videos useful and hospitals can realise huge savings in admin and postage cost by utilising file upload.