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Dash Schedule

Relatient® interfaces with Cerner to deliver an intelligent patient scheduling and communication experience.

The Dash by Relatient platform combines best-in-class patient self-scheduling, call-center scheduling, modern two-way patient communication tools, and mobile-friendly digital registration to provide better access for more patients and better schedule utilization for healthcare organizations.

More specifically, the Dash Schedule tool enables healthcare organizations to bring order and streamlined workflows to the patient scheduling journey by optimizing provider capacity with a rules-based, guided user experience for both providers and patients.

With Dash Schedule, providers can leverage both consumer-friendly patient self-scheduling and centralized scheduling all on one platform to organize and automate the complexities of scheduling. Healthcare organizations can also set their own unique rules and preferences to optimize their schedules and drive measurable improvements in patient appointment volume, thus increasing overall revenue.

Use Cases

  • A patient lives a busy life managing from their personal device and needs a Relatient Patient Self-Scheduling as a digital, mobile technology that helps get them access to care more conveniently with 24/7 scheduling.

  • A physician in medical office needs a full schedule and a way to attract and retain patients in a less manual, more automated way that is efficient and convenient for patients to choose an available appointment through their own device regardless of location or time of day.

  • A practice administrator needs a digital tool for keeping a patient waitlist and organizes and logs the patient's request for an appointment time, notifies a group of patients when an appointment is available, fills the appointment through automated communication, tracks the acceptance of an appointment and updates the practice management system.

  • An appointment scheduler for a medical office needs to maintain control of schedule management with an automated or manual approval of appointment requests and to set up specific appointment types, durations, and messaging to help patients select the right appointment types, providers, and locations.

Available in These Countries

  • United States

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone


“Thanks to the real-time interface between Relatient and Cerner, we now have a dashboard that allows our managers to see patient responses from inside the EHR. This is huge, not only did we drop our no-show rate significantly but the difference is saving us approximately $980,000 in lost revenue annually.”

- Large Hospital in the Midwest

Key Features

Rules-based scheduling to eliminate scheduling errors and easily guide agents through steps to book each patient.

Triage capabilities automatically identify the right appointment type, provider and level of service to ensure patients are matched to the right provider.

Patients are guided through the same questions and triage as if a scheduler were helping them to provide them the ability to schedule at their convenience from your website.