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CRISP InContext

The CRISP InContext app provides information from the CRISP Health Information Exchange within the context of a clinician's workflow. CRISP serves Maryland, the District of Columbia, and West Virginia.

The CRISP InContext app is designed to provide information from the CRISP Health Information Exchange within the Cerner workflow. This includes Prescription Drug Monitoring Program information, clinical history, images, prior visits, care team information, advance directives, and infection control alerts.

Use Cases

  • The CRISP InContext app is intended for use by Physicians and members of the patient care team at the point of care. The app presents information from the HIE, including: clinical history (lab results, transcribed documents, radiology reports, and images from CRISP participants), prior visits and encounter history, care team information, infection control notifications, advance directives, and prior overdose alerts.

  • The CRISP InContext app also presents information from the Maryland PDMP and neighboring states to physicians registered with the Maryland PDMP at the point of care. This information can be used to inform prescribing decisions.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Version Details 

Compatible with all devices running Powerchart

Key Features

Advanced Care Planning

The first image demonstrates how advance directives are presented to end users. The user is presented a link and redirected to the appropriate repository for the document. Patients may have more than one advanced care planning document.

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

The second image is presenting Marlyand PDMP data within the provider workflow, including information from West Virginia, the District of Columbia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. This information fulfills the Maryland legislative requirement to check the PDMP prior to dispensing Controlled Dangerous Substances schedule II-V.

Clinical History 1

The third image presents a radiology report. A user is presented a list of available laboratory and radiology reports, along with available transcribed documents. A user can click into the document for associated images and observations. This provides clinical information from other facilities participating with the HIE..

Clinical History 2

Presentation of an image study associated with a given radiology report. This information is intended to potentially prevent duplicate imaging studies.