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Achieve point-of-care visibility to patients’ quality and risk care opportunities and automatically close care gaps via Cozeva’s Cerner integration.

Cozeva delivers powerful metrics to help providers proactively improve patient care. Cozeva empowers care teams to make timely and informed decisions about patients’ needs by transforming clinical data into actionable patient care opportunities such as preventive screenings, control measures, adherence measures.

Via this integration, Cerner users can access Cozeva's patient dashboard through Cerner's App Launcher, achieving point-of-care visibility to the patient’s care opportunities.

Cozeva will also retrieve the patient’s clinical data upon encounter sign-off. Cozeva will ingest and utilize Cerner's data to report the most up-to-date evidence-based clinical guidelines pertaining to quality and risk.

Use Cases

  • A physician caring for a Medicare Advantage patient can launch the Cozeva patient dashboard from within Cerner to confirm/disconfirm suspect and recapture hierarchical condition category (HCC) codes. Confirmed conditions will write-back from Cozeva to Cerner in real-time, eliminating double documentation.

  • A Medical Assistant rooming a patient can assist in quality care gap closure by reviewing the patient's Cozeva dashboard from within Cerner and coordinate next steps (e.g. schedule a mammogram for the patient, document a pain score, etc.).

  • Within Cozeva, care managers and other care team members can access the patient's health history, identify barriers to care, and address social determinants of health (SDoH).

Available in These Countries

  • United States

Supported Devices

  • Desktop

Version Details

Available in Powerchart

Not available in Patient Portal

Not recommended on mobile devices

Key Features

Gamification for provider engagement

Gamification for provider engagement

Cozeva is a one-stop shop solution for quality care gap closure, risk adjustment coding, and case management.designed with the clinician experience in mind.

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Establish secure data transfer between Cerner and Cozeva

Eliminate the need for manual data entry and save office staff time. Cozeva securely retrieves patient charts from Cerner (in the form of CCDA) prior and post office visit. The data retrieved from Cerner is used to automatically close out quality and HCC care gaps.

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View and address Cozeva care gaps from within Cerner

Eliminates the need to switch between Cerner and Cozeva. Launch Cozeva quality & risk gaps for the patient from within the patient's chart in Cerner.