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CommonHealth helps you collect and manage your personal health data from all of your healthcare providers and share it with the health services, organizations and apps you trust.

With CommonHealth, your health information is right at your fingertips, all in one place – take it with you wherever you go and share it with those you trust. Get a holistic view of your health information by importing data from multiple providers. CommonHealth helps you and your care team access your data and understand the full picture.

CommonHealth is the Android Platform that lets people collect and manage their personal health data and share it with the health services, organizations and apps they trust.

Use Cases

  • CommonHealth is allows users to aggregate all of their health and medical records in one app and share it with the health services, organizations and apps they trust.
  • The CommonHealth app can be used at a user's leisure when they would like to review their medical records or when they would like to share their health records with those that they trust.
  • The users of the COmmonHealth app are (direct Consumers) any persons that would like to aggregate their health data in one central location so they do not have to deal with logging in and out of different health care portals to access their health records.

Available in These Countries

  • Currently only The United States

Supported Devices

  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Version Details

Cerner Ignite API - Millennium Paid Version

Key Features

CommonHealth extends the health data portability and interoperability model pioneered by AppleHealth to the 55% of Americans with Android devices (85% globally), enabling broader and more equitable participation in research, innovative care models and next - generation health services.

With the launch of CommonHealth, health organizations can now develop apps and services leveraging this data sharing model that can be made available to all people, not just those with iPhones.

CommonHealth is a service that is free for people... and will always be. There are no hidden fees or missing features, no ads, and we never collect or sell personal data.

By enabling you to gather all your health information in one place, you are better able to monitor chronic conditions, adhere to treatment plans, and track progress in wellness or disease management programs. CommonHealth can provide easy access to health records while traveling. For those with chronic health conditions who frequently visit multiple doctors, it provides a convenient way to share records.