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Through seamless integration to Cerner, users can receive automated coding, risk profiling, accelerated payments of claims, and valuable data insights. A claim can be coded and paid in 18 seconds.

Veuu is a series of products that can be used together or independently that autonomously codes an encounter, only requiring a human when Veuu cannot understand the procedure or diagnosis. Once coded, Veuu risk profiles the codified record to predict denial before an 837 is submitted to the payer.

Veuu will then purchase the claim at negotiated rate immediately, accelerating payment, and further reducing costs of long dated accounts receivable.

Use Cases

  • Claims Coding: Veuu autonomously codes encounters at scale within seconds in your Cerner workflow

  • Claims Profiling: Veuu risk profiles codified claims to predict denial prior to submission

  • Claims Purchasing: Veuu purchases all coded and profiled claims immediately at negotiated rate on a non-recourse basis

Available in These Countries

  • United States

Supported Devices

  • Other

Version Details

Latest Version: Version 1.0

Key Features

Automation without modification is the key to smart efficiency.

We employ a zero downtime, zero learning curve approach by automating repeatable tasks within the existing workflow resulting in increased productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.

AI that works with your existing team.

Our AI is built to augment & assist humans. By augmenting the human interface, proper checks and balances remain in place while results and productivity improve. Improved results affords providers the ability to streamline their workforce and accomplish more for less.

Immediate claims payments

Zero claims denials, zero A/R days, no recourse. You'll get paid for every claim as soon as it's submitted. Your funds will typically be available within 2 hours.

Focus on what really matters.

As administration costs go up, quality of care goes down. We'll help you lower your costs so you can put what you save back into what really matters... Improving quality of care.