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CAVO Provider Recorded Demo



Advent Health Partners' CAVO® enables your claim review teams to smart search within and across medical record documentation - and easily find the key information needed to create, package, and send compelling, winnable appeals.

CAVO® end-users are able to quickly surface relevant information needed from medical records and external documentation using advanced search capabilities and pre-defined, high-frequency queries. After locating the needed text, image, or page, CAVO® users select, highlight, annotate, and/or assemble individual pages to easily create a detailed appeal packet - including an optional summary using CAVO®’s library of letter templates. Users can also efficiently share the packet directly from CAVO® via email, fax, download, or an API.

Use Cases

  • When a claim is denied due to medical necessity, an analyst, nurse, and/or physician pulls in the documentation directly via Smart on FHIR and searches (optionally using one of CAVO®’s pre-defined smart searches, if applicable) to immediately find decision data. The user then annotates, crafts, and sends a compelling appeal to the denying entity based on the patient’s progression and interventions. This process is completed in a fraction of the time previously needed.
  • CAVO® is designed to vastly reduce the time to determine the appropriateness of the billed DRG pre- and/or post-pay. Coders, nurses, and physicians search for documents supporting the diagnosis sequencing if the DRG assigned is consistent with the documentation and treatment during the hospitalization.
  • CAVO® provides a channel for efficient storage and exchange of documentation for analysts, nurses, and physicians throughout a patient’s stay and billing cycle. Specifically, before a service is rendered, the authorization can be saved as a document in CAVO®; after the service is rendered and billed, supporting documentation can be delivered directly to the payer. If the patient remains in the hospital and requires an additional authorization, the provider can easily submit medical records (or payers who are CAVO® users may directly obtain them).

Supported Devices

  • Desktop

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner Powerchart

Key Features

Use the CAVO® smart search functionality to instantaneously receive relevance-ranked results. Pre-defined searches provide complex searches for common terms, such as anemia.

Pinpoint decision information with CAVO®’s highlight tool, and type relevant comments and tie to a specific highlight with the Notes tool.

Easily create an appeal packet containing only individual pages from the Review tab.

Add a summary page customized from an organizational template with CAVO®’s Letter Editor function.