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Carevive is a health technology company focusing on care management and patient engagement solutions to improve the quality of life and clinical outcomes of cancer patients. Our platform analyzes clinical and patient-reported data, and the latest clinical guidelines, to offer evidence-based recommendations to clinicians so they can improve patient outcomes from cancer treatment.

Carevive’s cancer care management and patient engagement platform is centered on our proprietary Clinical Intelligence System, an algorithm-based engine that combines EHR data, evidence-based guidelines and patient-reported outcomes into one solution. This combined data is processed to power our cancer care management and patient engagement solutions that improve patient outcomes, reduce avoidable care utilization and increase revenue. Workflows also include treatment care planning, distress and symptom management, and survivorship.

Use Cases

  • A patient reports symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, overall distress in between visits via the patient portal or mobile application. Their symptom scoring is aggregated to their patient record and will notify providers if any reported symptoms require immediate interventions.
  • Upon diagnosis, a clinician discusses and guides patients via our electronic surveys eliciting upfront goals of care, patient values, and engages in shared-decision making prior to treatment. Clinicians then generate a personalized patient treatment plan outlining the care team, treatments, goals, cost of care and potential side effects to monitor and report.
  • A patient can take home a physical (or emailed an electronic version) personalized and evidence-based care plan with specific recommendations during their cancer treatment and survivorship experience that serves as educational tool and patient/family roadmap.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet

Version Details

Carevive version 1.0

Compatible with Powerchart

Key Features

Longitudinal patient symptom tracking

Clinicians can view and trend distress and symptom data reported by patients, including severity and patient performance data. From this dashboard, clinicians can create a care plan for the patient and primary care provider.

Creating patient-specific care plans

While creating a patient’s care plans, clinicians are automatically presented with disease, treatment and symptom specific recommendations to expedite the process. This is auto-populated based on guidelines and rules within the Carevive platform.

Distress and Symptom Management

With every clinician, caregiver and partner all on the same page, you can easily make role-based handoffs and give tasks a clear owner and due date – ensuring reliability and quality of care, while mitigating risk and reducing duplication.