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CareAlign is an interdisciplinary team workflow platform that helps clinicians and staff manage complex patients and coordinate care through shared tasks, one-click access to patient labs and vitals and more.

CareAlign is a team workflow platform that helps multidisciplinary teams in every clinical setting manage patient care so nothing falls through the cracks. CareAlign provides shared task lists, offers intuitive data visualization, helps capture diagnoses otherwise lost on paper, and streamlines workflows in an application that works on any device from desktop, to tablet to phone. The platform allows clinicians in different physical locations or using different EHRs to collaborate on patient care. Save clinicians time, help reduce errors, and improve patient satisfaction and outcomes with CareAlign.

Use Cases

  • 1. Intuitive Data Visualization To Save Time: CareAlign is a digital rounding tool with intuitive data visualization clinicians can view from anywhere in just a few clicks. Whichever setting clinicians practice in, CareAlign helps them save an hour a day and make more timely clinical decisions.

  • 2. Shared Task Management for Multidisciplinary Teams: CareAlign is a shared task management platform that replaces scattered, siloed tasks written on sticky notes, text messages, and word documents. Manage tasks across your entire clinical team, even if you practice at different times, in different locations, or using different EHRs.

  • 3. Improved Diagnosis Capture for More Accurate Coding and Reimbursement: CareAlign improves diagnosis capture by turning to-do lists into ICD-10 codes for more accurate RAF and CMI scores. Reduce physician billing queries and get fully reimbursed for the work the clinicians are doing.

  • 4. Improve Rounding and Replace Paper Handoffs: CareAlign is a shared interdisciplinary rounding and handoff tool that replaces paper handoff lists. By incorporating evidence-based practices like IPASS, CareAlign makes rounding and handoffs more efficient and helps reduce communication errors.

Available in These Countries

  • CareAlign is available in any country, however it is only available in English at this time.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Version Details

Compatible with PowerChart, CommunityWorks, PowerWorks, Millennium

Key Features

carealign task management
Diagnosis Capture
workflow automation
designed by clinicians