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By combining advanced technology with expert service and support, Blockit removes the barriers that stand in the way of patient access and care - Consumer, Referral, and Access Center.

blockit’s focus on simplifying healthcare processes for everyone motivated the company to build technologies that improve patient access and lead to better patient outcomes. By combining advanced technology with expert service and support, blockit removes the barriers that stand in the way of patient access and care. We do this across 4 experiences - Consumer Scheduling, Referral Management, Access Center, and Enterprise API for consolidating network (CIN/ACO, etc) providers into unified patient access experiences.

Use Cases

  • Blockit Referral Management is used by clinical or admin staff in Emergency Departments, Urgent Care Centers, Hospitals, and Physicians Offices at point of care. Blockit enables these staff members to view real time availability of referral group members in order to schedule patients for their next appointment before they leave the care setting. This provides for greater patient satisfaction, higher follow through rates, and better patient outcomes.
  • Blockit Consumer Scheduling is used by patients at time of appointment scheduling, whether that be self-directed on the organization's website or sent to the patient via a link. This provides a single appointment scheduling experience for an entire network or organization, regardless of EMR. The patient is able to view schedules in real time and book their appointment based on preferences for availability, insurance acceptance, or proximity to their home address.
  • Blockit API allows technical and engineering teams within an organization to connect disparate EMRs through the use of FHIR APIs. Through these connections, workflows can be standardized across a system regardless of EMR technology. Blockit API powers existing IT investments such as patient applications and "find-a-doc" platforms by acting as the link to standardize communications between systems.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner Powerchart

Key Features

Cross Network Availability

See availability across your defined referral network. Help the patient find the right doctor and get on the schedule. Can be automated or facilitated in under 2 minutes.

Real-time Referral Status

See the real-time status of all referral appointments. Using blockit increases referral patient follow-through from an average of 50% to 85% significantly reducing leakage.

Data and Analytics

Use real-time data and analytics to optimize referral patterns.


Enable digital assets with easy to use, scheduling centric provider directory for consumers to schedule their own appointments.