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Powered by our innovative, integrated platform, Biofourmis offers a connected, configurable, and personalized solution to remotely manage care in the home, across the care continuum.

The Biofourmis remote patient management platform helps health systems and risk-bearing organizations revolutionize the delivery of care. Using continuous and episodic monitoring, care coordination tools, dynamic care pathways, AI-guided analytics, and configurable in-home services, we enable clinicians to deliver safe, high-quality, remote care into patients’ homes – regardless of location. Our clinician dashboard, accessible within the Cerner ecosystem, enables care teams to monitor patients’ vitals, receive clinically actionable notifications, review recovery progress, coordinate care across care teams, and communicate directly with the patient via text, talk or video.

Use Cases

  • Hospital at home: Biofourmis empowers clinicians to deliver inpatient-level care at home via: dynamic care pathways; continuous monitoring; care coordination tools; and configurable virtual and in-home services. By treating patients where they are most comfortable, health systems can increase patient satisfaction while saving bed-days, maximizing patient-to-staff-ratios, and improving clinical outcomes.

  • Transitional Care: Our transitional care solutions allow patients to move seamlessly from acute to ambulatory to chronic care management, virtually and at home. Episodic or continuous monitoring wearables collect patient vitals from a device-agnostic portfolio of FDA-cleared devices. AI-guided software sends clinically-actionable notifications to detect patient deterioration and enable licensed, clinical care teams to intervene sooner. Patients feel better supported with modular, wraparound care which includes a network of in-home partners, disease-specific pathways, and 24/7 connectivity with a virtual care team via text, talk or video.

  • Digital Disease Management: We offer virtual, value-based care for patients with chronic conditions via a streamlined, integrated, end-to-end remote patient management solution. We enhance our partners’ organizational capacity, staff efficiency, profitability, and quality of care with population health-based, disease specific care pathways for improved care coordination and quality measures. We enable remote care for patients with cardiometabolic, oncologic, and pulmonary conditions. This service can include omnipresent support for patients from our national provider network of MDs, RNs, NPs, and Health Navigators.

Available in These Countries

  • United States

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Version Details

Cerner Powerchart

Microsoft Edge required

TOC and mPages launch validated - compatible for standalone clients as well as those on a shared domain (CommunityWorks, PowerWorks, Continuum)

Key Features

Remote Care at Home

Remote Care at Home:

Biofourmis Care streamlines remote patient management for HCPs through an intuitive, EHR-embedded solution. By integrating remote care at home care workflows, within a familiar environment, we reduce the friction of adopting a new technology and consolidate tasks that previously existed outside of the EHR.

End-to-End Device

End-to-End Device and Software Integration:

As a health system with a hospital-at-home, transitional care, or chronic disease management program - trust Biofourmis to enable healthcare providers to manage patients across the care continuum. For continuous or episodic tracking of vitals, our device agnostic platform has pre-built integrations with more than 40 medical devices. This data flows seamlessly, via cellular or wi-fi, into a singular dashboard that can be viewed within Cerner or via our clinician mobile app.

Care Coordination in One Place:

Care Coordination in One Place:

Biofourmis Care enables quick access to evaluate continuously monitored patients who are admitted into a hospital at home or remote patient management program. Embedded within Cerner Millennium, providers can view the dashboard to review relevant patient information, triage notifications informed by FDA-cleared algorithms, coordinate care with other clinicians, as well as easily communicate with patients. For facilities with transitional care and/or chronic disease management at home programs, Biofourmis Care provides a singular platform that follows the patient, seamlessly, regardless of acuity or location.