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Streamline clinical collaboration with Barco Synergi


Barco Synergi ®

Synergi manages the workflow of multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings such as Tumor Boards. It streamlines the workflow for pre-meeting preparation, live meeting workflow, and post-meeting follow up.

The Synergi solution aggregates all relevant patient data from Cerner Millennium® EHR and other sources, documents the stage of the patient's disease and makes collaboration easy for the entire care team. It dramatically improves the productivity of the physicians and other administrative staff (on premise and remote) involved with these meetings.

Use Cases

  • Improves transparency into patient case preparation for all MDT stakeholders.
  • Provides a secure and fast mechanism (Smart Sharing) to share radiology/pathology imaging and other patient information, eliminating the need to transfer images between systems or sites.
  • Facilitates effective participation for remote participants.
  • “In-meeting approval” of treatment recommendations by the meeting chair.
  • Automated upload of the treatment outcome to the Cerner Millennium® EHR, resulting in quick scheduling of patient treatments, thus reducing patient wait times.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet

Version Details

Standalone web application compatible with Cerner Powerchart


“We have worked with Barco to develop a tool that can collect and organize the information and data so it is easily presented and understood. It will also enable the rapid transfer, by automated electronic notification, of the outcome of the MDT discussion and decisions made to all staff involved in the patient’s care.We believe this will lead to not only a significant improvement in the efficiency of the MDT meetings, but also a significant reduction in the time between referral of the patient and commencement of treatment. This tool also records and analyses MDT performance and outcomes in real-time, enabling us to identify service improvements rapidly.”

Dr. Nick Maynard, Cancer Lead, Oxford University Hospitals, NHS UK

Key Features

Patient Case Transparency

Synergi provides transparency into scheduling MDT meetings, preparation of patient lists, and allows for customized meeting and treatment outcome templates per disease area. The patient cases can be grouped based on completeness and complexity. The MDT members have real time visibility into when meetings have been scheduled and which patients are requested for discussion.

In meeting Outcome Approval

Synergi drives the workflow for in meeting discussions, captures the agreed treatment recommendations, and generates the outcome report. The MDT members can review, edit, and approve the outcome in real time. The approved reports are exported to Cerner Millennium® EHR automatically.

Remote Participation

With Smart Sharing of patient data and images, remote users can effectively participate in every MDT meeting. Also, external users can be invited to specific MDTs as needed. 


Synergi works with your existing ecosystem of EHR, PACS & other IT systems. It leverages existing Clinical applications for viewing patient information in any MDT.