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Aunt Bertha - Seamless EHR Integration


Aunt Bertha

Aunt Bertha is the leading Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) management platform. Refer patients electronically to our nationwide network of Community Based Organizations.

Aunt Bertha’s Search & Referral feature connects hospitals, clinics, and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to better manage a population’s Social Determinants of Health (SDoH). Our network of participating CBOs spans the entire United States, including rural communities. With multiple entities closing the loop, you’ll know whether or not your patients received the services you referred them to. Cerner users have a seamless integration experience including real-time referral tracking, multi-touch status updates, and more. It’s easy to launch Aunt Bertha within Cerner to search, refer, and view the full patient profile.

Use Cases

  • A patient has non-medical needs, like food insecurity, housing insecurity, lack of transportation, and more.
  • A care team finds available social services to meet these needs and refer patients to them electronically.
  • The service can be used at any point during the clinical visit, including intake, treatment, and discharge.
  • Population health departments can better understand the broader trends of their patients’ social care needs.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Version Details 

Compatible with all devices running Powerchart

Key Features

Tailored Search

Our programs are categorized so that users can quickly find social services. A user can navigate quickly to our “Health” category for addiction and recovery programs in a given ZIP Code.

User Friendly Program Info

Our user-friendly program cards pull together community resource data into pleasing visuals. Basic fields include up-to-date contact information, location, hours of operation, services provided, supported languages, applicable fees, and more.

Real-Time Referral Tracking

We reflect the latest progress of a referral, including completion of services. Any of our three user types who take part in a referral (Seekers, Referring Entities, Receiving Entities) can view and update the current status.