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iD CKD supports primary care providers and care teams to identify, diagnose, and manage patients with chronic kidney disease using an automated clinical-guideline-based CDS tool and population health management dashboard. Developed by AstraZeneca.

iD CKDTM is a clinical decision support (CDS) platform that scans patient lab results to identify undiagnosed patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), empowering providers and their care teams to put patients on the path to better care. Utilizing SMART standards and the FHIR Application Programming Interface, iD CKDTM is designed to aid clinicians in monitoring lab values for kidney evaluation, improve the diagnosis of CKD, and provide clinicians with actionable guidance integrated within their EHR clinical workflow, reducing workload.

Use Cases

    To achieve improved CKD care, iD CKDTM leverages specific KDIGO guidelines, embeds and automates clinical care guidelines into the care team workflow before, during, and after encounters to improve the identification, diagnosis, and management of patients with CKD. iD CKDTM aims to aid providers in slowing the progression of CKD and ultimately improve patient outcomes, thus reducing medical expenses and supporting key quality performance measures.

  • Identify: Enables EHRs to flag patients who have CKD without disrupting clinical workflows.

  • Diagnose: Gives primary care providers and their care teams the curated information to diagnose and educate themselves and patients.

  • Manage: A clinician and care team dashboard facilitates overview and management of a primary care population.

  • Refer: Provides guidance on timely referrals.

  • Medication Management: Determines which patients need medication review and adjustment.

  • Diagnosis Rate: Determine the diagnosis rate of the provider’s patient population.

  • Lab Results: Are scanned to guide classification and further monitoring and management of CKD.

  • Analyze: Analyze the provider’s patient population across the stages of CKD as well as comorbidities, age, and race.

Although based on specific KDIGO guidelines, iD CKDTM should not replace clinical judgment.

Available in These Countries

  • United States

Supported Devices

  • Desktop

Version Details

iD CKDTM v. 1.0.14

Compatible with Powerchart

Key Features

CKD Care Team Dashboard:

The Care Team Dashboard empowers providers to understand CKD within their patient panel, accompanied by an automated personal CQI to assist the full care team in managing CKD.

iD CKDTM Decision Support

The iD CKDTM decision support application is designed for primary care providers to use during pre-visit planning and at the point of care, enabling informed identification, diagnosis, management, and referral for patients with CKD.

Guideline-Based Recommendations

Primary care providers are prompted to take action on clear, evidence-based recommendations sourced from KDIGO guidelines to manage CKD more effectively.

Guideline-Based Medication Reconciliation

The application allows primary care providers to view active patient medication alongside the KDIGO medication guidelines to allow for guideline-based medication reconciliation.

CKD Population Health Intelligence

A web-based dashboard gives Health System Administrators visibility into key quality, care management, and app utilization metrics, in a summary view, across their health system.