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We believe in designing convenient and efficient technology for physicians. Artifact makes it easier for physicians to manage administrative demands so they can provide high quality care to their patients.

Artifact Health provides the first and only mobile platform that streamlines the physician query process so hospitals can improve the quality of patient records and ensure full reimbursement for services. Already in use by thousands of physicians, Artifact simplifies a traditionally time-consuming, multi-step process allowing physicians to respond to queries anytime, anywhere in seconds. By shortening average physician response time to queries by 20x, Artifact helps CDI specialists and coders receive more accurate responses faster, which can translate into millions of dollars in revenue for hospitals.

Use Cases

  • The physician query is the primary tool hospitals use to clarify physician documentation for proper reimbursement and accurate quality reporting. However, providers often find the query process burdensome and time-consuming.
  • Artifact Health's HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based, mobile query platform allows physicians to quickly and compliantly respond to a query with as few as three taps on their smartphone.
  • Through our integration with Cerner, clinical documentation specialists and medical coders create queries by editing compliant templates and attaching selected documentation from Cerner, so providers have all the information they need to respond.
  • Providers may review and respond to queries from Artifact’s mobile app or website and from within Cerner. Once providers sign a query, Artifact’s integration with Cerner ensures their responses become part of the patient legal medical record.
  • By providing physicians with Artifact’s faster and easier query process, Cerner hospitals can generate notable improvements in coding accuracy and publicly-reported quality measures.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner Powerchart


Baystate Health implemented Artifact Health's mobile platform and integrated the ACDIS physician query templates from HCPro prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, which have both proven crucial to maintaining CDI productivity and engagement with providers. Our CDI and coding teams have continued querying providers remotely, and our providers are responding, even during this challenging time, because the mobile technology is fast and easy.

Walter Houlihan, FAHIMA, Senior Director of Health Information Management and Clinical Documentation for Baystate Health

Key Features

Make physicians lives easier

Give physicians a fast and convenient way to respond. With Artifact, physicians can answer queries anytime, anywhere – between meetings, after work hours and when off service.

Code accurately, the first time

Clarify physician documentation before cases are coded and billed. Optimize reimbursement and ensure publicly-reported quality scores are accurate.

Take control of your CDI program

Monitor query activity with real-time dashboards and reports. Target education to physicians, CDI specialists and coders who need it.

Speed up coding

Reduce accounts on hold with faster query response times. Watch your DNFB days shrink with charges no longer held up for queries.

Strengthen and extend your CDI program

Streamline query workflow to boost CDI productivity. Eliminate manual query follow-up so CDI specialists can review more charts.