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Amwell Connect EHR

Amwell Connect EHR enables providers to seamlessly launch video visits with patients or care teams in just one click--all from within their existing clinical workflows in Millennium.

Amwell Connect EHR offers a flexible and scalable telehealth solution for any use case, from Scheduled Visits to Telestroke and more. Amwell Connect EHR’s full integration with the Cerner ecosystem allows providers to stay within their clinical workflows and start a virtual visit with just one click when they are ready. By generating a simple text or email invitation, providers give patients direct admission to a video room. With Amwell Connect EHR, both providers and patients have the convenience of a simple solution, paired with the confidence of a secure video call supported by advanced video features.

Use Cases

  • Scheduled Virtual Visits: Amwell Connect EHR empowers providers to connect to patients with the click of a button from within the context of an encounter in Millennium. Providers can use Amwell Connect EHR to see patients from any location for any type of scheduled virtual visit. Patients can receive appointment reminders as normal in HealtheLife and join using a simple invite without requiring a login.
  • Telestroke: Amwell Connect EHR allows an on-site clinician to connect with a remote neurologist via telehealth in order to administer time-sensitive, life-saving treatment to a stroke patient presenting in the ED at a remote referring site. Clinicians can connect to the remote location with one click from the patient chart in Cerner Millennium and directly connect with a telemedicine cart and the team in the ER.
  • School Health: Amwell Connect EHR allows a school nurse to connect with a remote physician via telehealth in order to treat a student presenting in the school nurse’s office with a cold, flu, rash, and more. Regardless of whether the referring network has direct login to Cerner, clinicians can launch a multipoint video room with the referring nurse and family members using the Amwell web application.
  • Acute Behavioral Health: Amwell Connect EHR (allows an on-site clinician to connect with a remote behavioral health specialist via telehealth in order to treat a patient presenting in the ED having a psychiatric break. The clinicians can launch the video and maintain their EHR documentation on the case without interrupting their workflow in Millennium.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone
  • Other (Telemedicine cart)

Version Details

Amwell Connect EHR is available for Cerner Powerchart on desktop but is also interoperable with Amwell’s mobile applications.

Key Features

Simple Video Connection

Connect with patients or care teams for virtual visits with just one click in Millennium. Amwell Connect EHR generates a simple invitation via SMS or email so that recipients can connect without needing to log in.

Single Workflow

With Amwell Connect EHR, you can embed video visits into your existing clinical workflows: create orders in Cerner to trigger acute workflows in Amwell; schedule appointments directly in Cerner Millennium; automatically update the provider’s ambulatory organizer when a referring site checks in; leverage enhanced far-end camera control and fleet monitoring for quality treatment with Amwell’s connected Carepoints; push visit summaries and attachments into the Cerner patient chart.


Amwell Connect EHR provides secure messaging and collaboration tools integrated with your web and mobile applications to foster greater collaboration between providers. Providers can leverage screensharing functionality, the ability to add interpreters via phone and video, and handoff features that enable admin workflows and multi-specialty visits.