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A|D Vault - MyDirectives

MyDirectives helps healthcare providers quickly and seamlessly find advance care planning documents for patients and invite patients to create a FREE MyDirectives account in their Powerchart and FirstNet workflows.

MyDirectives® gives healthcare professionals seamless, secure access to the most up-to-date version of a patient's advance care planning documents. MyDirectives lets people create, store, update and share their digital advance care plan or upload and share any third-party digital or paper-based advance care plan, advance directive or portable medical order like POLST/MOLST forms. For patients without an advance care plan, MyDirectives empowers clinicians to send email or text invitations to create one.

Use Cases

  • MyDirectives gives registration personnel, nurses, doctors, caregivers and case managers the power to seamlessly access, retrieve and review a patient's most current and relevant advance care planning documents within Powerchart and FirstNet across varied care settings.
  • MyDirectives also allows patients without advance care planning documents to receive an invitation by text or email to create a FREE MyDirectives account within an integrated patient portal, at or using the MyDirectives MOBILE™ app.
  • MyDirectives supports multiple advance care planning document types, including rich media files, from multiple sources, which can all be displayed, previewed and downloaded natively within the Powerchart and FirstNet environments.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner Powerchart

Key Features

ACP Document List

MyDirectives seamlessly and securely delivers a list of all advance care planning documents, including rich media files, available for a given patient. MyDirectives also supplies patient demographic data to further verify the match against Powerchart or FirstNet patient information.

Document Preview and Downloads

Powerchart and FirstNet users can preview each advance care planning document returned by MyDirectives and choose which files they want to download and store in their system to support clinical decision-making.

No ACP Documents Located

If a search returns no advance care planning documents for a given patient, MyDirectives gives Powerchart and FirstNet users the ability to send an invitation for the patient to create a FREE MyDirectives account and create a digital advance care plan or upload existing documents.

Send an Invitation

Powerchart or FirstNet users can send invitations via text or email to the patient using contact information stored in the medical record or manually keyed into the available fields.

Patient Email Invitation

Patients receiving an email invitation are prompted to click on a button or link to visit MyDirectives and create an account.