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Advance Directive information Exchange (ADiE)

ADiE (Advance Directive information Exchange) eliminates the barriers of documenting and communicating end-of-life care wishes by enabling clinicians to create, share, and receive Advance Directives, POLST, and Pre-Hospital DNR forms in real-time at the point of care.

ADiE (Advance Directive information Exchange) is a cloud-based, centralized repository for Advance Care Planning (ACP) documents that integrates with PowerChart to give your clinicians immediate access to patients’ documented care goals. ADiE collects, digitizes, houses, and shares ACP documents across the care continuum that enables you to collaborate with community care partners through the exchange of up-to-date ACP documents, including Advance Directives and POLST forms.

Use Cases

  • ADiE is used at point of care within PowerChart to locate a patient’s most recent Advance Care Planning (ACP) documents, which are accessed and utilized by physicians, nurses, social workers, and case managers.
  • ADiE’s ‘Create POLST Form’ interface enables clinicians to capture POLST forms electronically at bedside, reducing errors often found with filling out POLST forms on paper.
  • ADiE’s translation feature allows clinicians to translate the POLST form into eleven languages, facilitating the documentation on end-of-life documents with patients and families who are not native English speakers.
  • ACP documents accessed and created from ADiE are written to the patient’s chart, giving access to both other PowerChart users and the patient through their patient portal.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Version Details

Version 1.2.8

Compatible with all devices running Powerchart

Key Features

ACP Documentation Dashboard

The ADiE ACP module delivers reporting tools allowing your physicians to track all billable services. The module includes templates that take all the guesswork out of encounter documentation, a resource center with FAQs, and a conversation guide for ACP facilitators.

Search Feature

A patient search is performed using patient demographics extracted from PowerChart. If the patient is found can view the PDFs of the patient’s documents and electronic versions of POLST forms.

New POLST form feature

Creating a new POLST form for the patient using ADiE is easy and intuitive. The user fills out the patient demographics and completes the POLST form in accordance to the patient’s care wishes.

Language Translation

ADiE’s language translation feature translates the form into 11 different languages. Allowing patients and their families to document end-of-life care wishes in their native language.

Electronic Signatures

ADiE supports electronic signatures for physicians and patients, thus eliminating the need for a paper version of the POLST form.