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Activate Care

Activate Care’s tools for community care coordination, social referral management, and cross-sector data exchange help you address SDOH for better community health outcomes, that last.

Imagine if our healthcare system seamlessly coordinated care around all of our physical, behavioral, and social needs. With the Activate CareHub™ tools for community care coordination, social referral management, and cross-sector data exchange, this is the new standard of care.

The Activate CareHub™ integration with Cerner gives your users powerful new tools to see the full picture of a patient’s needs and manage that care with partners across the community, beyond your own organization. Users are supported with an embedded suite of tools to securely share tasks, messages, and data with community health and social services partners.

Use Cases

  • A nurse case manager assesses a dual eligible patient’s non-medical needs and risks and implements a goal-oriented social care plan encompassing the patient’s transportation, food and in-home equipment needs.
  • A community social worker is assigned to tasks in the patient’s plan of care and, while in the field on an iPad, can engage in real-time all the community resources and caregivers who can help meet your patient’s needs.
  • A family member or in-home caregiver can connect with the team via iPhone or Android mobile app to track appointments, save documents, send secure messages and schedule video visits with anybody on the care team.

Supported Devices

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • SmartPhone

Version Details

Compatible with Cerner Powerchart

Activate CareHub™ (All Versions)

Key Features

Community Coordination

With shared care plans, secure communication, and more, Activate Care offers everything you need to manage high-quality care coordination programs connected to networks of effective community-based organizations.

Referral Management

Our combination of tools inside Cerner helps you disrupt cycles of social vulnerability that cause readmissions and adverse outcomes - including searchable community resource directories, closed-loop referral tracking, and outcomes reporting.

Data and Analytics

Activate Care connects any community data sources you need for your program directly to your CareHub™ in Cerner, and delivers real-time analytics about the effectiveness of your program and your team's impact on community health outcomes.

One-Click Access

Activate Care’s integration with Cerner gives your clinicians one-click access to the patient’s longitudinal shared plan of care across the community, a Rolodex directory of all health and social care providers involved in their care, and a 360-degree history of all healthcare and social service encounters with the patient.