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Not all validated apps are available in every region

1CarePlan™ by Qure4u
A complete digital health platform that offers providers the tools to interact with patients throughout the care journey: Scheduling, Digital Check-in, Reminders, Telehealth, Care Plans, RPM, Vaccination Optimization, and more.
2bPrecise helps clinicians leverage the power of genetics and genomics within their clinical workflow for better disease risk identification, improved medication safety and efficacy, earlier diagnosis and faster treatment.
A|D Vault - MyDirectives
MyDirectives helps healthcare providers quickly and seamlessly find advance care planning documents for patients and invite patients to create a FREE MyDirectives account in their Powerchart and FirstNet workflows.
Activate Care
Activate Care’s tools for community care coordination, social referral management, and cross-sector data exchange help you address SDOH for better community health outcomes, that last. <br>
Advance Directive information Exchange
ADiE (Advance Directive information Exchange) eliminates the barriers of documenting and communicating end-of-life care wishes by enabling clinicians to create, share, and receive Advance Directives, POLST, and Pre-Hospital DNR forms in real-time at the point of care.
Vynca Advance Care Planning
Vynca provides comprehensive advance care planning solutions that enable healthcare organizations to deliver consistent, high-quality end-of-life care.
eKare inSight® Advanced Wound Care
eKare inSight® is a digital wound management system that provides advanced 3D imaging, accurate wound measurement and tissue composition, as well as artificial intelligence-based assessments at the point of care.
Amwell Connect EHR
Amwell Connect EHR enables providers to seamlessly launch video visits with patients or care teams in just one click--all from within their existing clinical workflows in Millennium.
Amwell Scheduling
Amwell Scheduling updates the provider’s ambulatory organizer in Cerner Millennium when a patient has arrived in their virtual waiting room from the Amwell app.
ePreop Surgical Valet logo
AnesthesiaValet™ helps you capture required quality measures, avoid CMS penalties under MIPS (part of MACRA), prepare for Value-Based Payment Models, report seamlessly to the ASA® NACOR QR and QCDR, and supports billing processes.
Enable your claim review teams to smart search within and across medical record documentation - and easily find the key information needed to create, package, and send compelling, winnable appeals.
EBMcalc FHIR App
EBMcalc is the premier source of Evidence-Based Medicine calculators. Using SMART on FHIR standards our new EBMcalc FHIR App pre-populates calculators with clinical data pulled directly from the Cerner EHR.
Intellicure Wound Care App
Intellicure’s Wound Care App is an advanced documentation tool that leads to improved wound healing outcomes, faster charting, enhanced clinical workflow, and optimal charges and reimbursements, while eliminating regulatory burdens.
Healthgrades Online Appointment Scheduling
Healthgrades® empowers patients and providers to make stronger, more meaningful connections.
Talksoft Appointment Reminders by RevSpring
RevSpring stands alone in creating a patient communication platform that connects the entire patient journey with intelligent communication that drives a coordinated workflow of messages centered around a patient’s encounter.
Artifact Health
We believe in designing convenient and efficient technology for physicians. Artifact makes it easier for physicians to manage administrative demands so they can provide high quality care to their patients.
ASCVD Risk Calculator
ASCVD Risk Calculator allows users to estimate a 10-year and/or lifetime risk score for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) by presenting relevant patient vitals and labs that factor into the estimated score.
Point of Care Assist, Powered by RxRevu
Point of Care Assist brings benefit information - eligibility, gaps-in-care, prior authorization, specialist and lab referrals - into the Cerner workflow, saving time and reducing friction for patients and providers.
Infera HCC Assistant
HCC Assistant by Inferscience is an integrated application that analyzes the patient’s EHR record in real-time, providing physicians and coders with on-demand risk adjustment guidance.
Aunt Bertha
Aunt Bertha is the leading Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) management platform. Refer patients electronically to our nationwide network of Community Based Organizations.
By combining advanced technology with expert service and support, Blockit removes the barriers that stand in the way of patient access and care - Consumer, Referral, and Access Center.
CancerIQ's precision health platform helps leading health systems predict, preempt, and prevent cancer. By bringing genetic data and risk scoring to point-of-care, providers system-wide can detect and treat cancer early.
CancerNAV supports navigator management of the oncology patient population from diagnosis through treatment and increases navigator efficiency, reduces time to treatment, minimizes barriers to care, and decreases patient migration
Nuance Surgical CAPD
Nuance Surgical Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) is a real-time, in-workflow solution that streamlines operative report and procedure note documentation to improve surgical documentation quality and reimbursement.
Xealth Digital Care
Xealth is designed to enable clinicians to prescribe and monitor apps, devices and digital patient education content from within their charting workflow.
@Point of Care
@Point of Care Intelligent Dashboard connects clinicians to digital health patient tools, allowing access to disease-specific patient data tracked between office visits while enabling coordination of care among providers.
Carevive is a health technology company focusing on care management and patient engagement solutions to improve the quality of life and clinical outcomes of cancer patients. Our platform analyzes clinical and patient-reported data, and the latest clinical guidelines, to offer evidence-based recommendations to clinicians so they can improve patient outcomes from cancer treatment.
Epion logo
Epion Check-In
With Epion, healthcare organizations realize extraordinary patient engagement—from 68% to 90%. Collect patient-entered data from most patients in advance and save 15 to 20 minutes of staff time per patient.
Quippe Clinical Lens logo
Quippe Clinical Lens
Quippe Clinical Lens identifies and interprets disorganized, complex arrays of medical data and transforms that data into actionable information and clinical insights – all within the physician’s workflow.
Precision Health Cloud Toolbox
The Precision Health Cloud Toolbox leverages data from EMR, medical devices, images, patient-reported outcomes, genomics, labs and more to manage diseases and enable efficient workflows that dramatically improve patient outcomes.
Collective Medical
Collective’s nationwide network of engaged care team members offers transparency through patient histories and collaborative care plans—identifying vulnerable patients in real-time and helping care teams address needs at the point-of-care.
IMO Core cSmart
IMO Core cSmart delivers an in-workflow solution that helps clinicians document with specificity and makes problem lists more relevant, reducing clinician HIT burden, creating better clinical data, and optimizing reimbursement.
CRISP InContext
The CRISP InContext app provides information from the CRISP Health Information Exchange within the context of a clinician's workflow. CRISP serves Maryland, the District of Columbia, and West Virginia.
DynaMed Decisions
DynaMed Decisions is a workflow-integrated clinical decision support solution designed to enhance clinical decision-making, decrease the burden of care on providers, and drive meaningful patient engagement.
Lilly Diabetes Education
Lilly Diabetes Education contains simple but engaging resources for patients with Type 2 Diabetes to help them understand the progressive nature of the condition.
Nordic Registry Direct
Automated your data abstraction with Registry Direct! Manipulating and uploading data for registry programs is a time-intensive process. Registry Direct is a solution that safely and reliably automates data abstraction.
DMEhub provides e-prescribing for DME (durable medical equipment) to process medical equipment orders in minutes, not days.
DocASAP Online Scheduling
DocASAP Online Scheduling delivers real-time, accurate online appointment scheduling through a private-labeled experience. It automates all scheduling intake rules, protocols and workflows while ensuring providers maintain control of their schedules.
The world's first easy-to-use precision dosing software designed for clinicians to improve dosing accuracy and patient outcomes by predicting the optimal individualized dose of medications to safely reach therapeutic concentrations quicker.
Retrieve Dx logo
Retrieve Dx
Retrieve Dx, real-time, cloud-based CDI application, improves care and documentation by alerting physicians to patient comorbidities and pre-existing conditions. Retrieve searches EHR for patient medical history and pertinent clinical results.
eBroselow SafeDose
SafeDose helps clinicians quickly obtain medication dosing and administration. based on the patient's weight and the dosing indication, it provides exact and concise instructions for administering thousands of mediation indications.
Tecsys logo
Tecsys Elite™ Healthcare Point of Use
Tecsys is a provider of transformative supply chain solutions that equip healthcare organizations to achieve operational greatness. Tecsys helps customers manage costs, capture product utilization and achieve supply chain visibility.
Teladoc Health Solo Embedded
Solo Embedded brings the Teladoc Health web-based audio/video experience into your EHR for a reliable virtual care experience. These integrated systems streamline virtual care delivery with patient-centric workflows.
Emmi SMART on FHIR streamlines access to engaging and interactive materials that educate patients. Clinicians can preview and recommend content to motivate and empower patients to make positive changes.
FollowMyHealth® Patient Engagement Platform
FollowMyHealth believes the solution to patient engagement is simple: create an experience where patients can participate actively in their care on the devices that they use every day.
Scout® Enterprise Wound Management
Scout® utilizes advanced wound imaging and documentation technology to standardize wound assessment, reduce documentation errors and streamlines workflows to minimize variation in care, costs and outcomes across the healthcare enterprise.
EvidenceCare is the only clinical decision support tool that makes patient-specific, actionable, evidence-based treatment recommendations accessible to providers at the bedside, in as little as 30 seconds.
GetWell Inpatient
Scalable, personalized educational experiences that empower patients and support self-care management.
GetWell Loop
Maximize and scale the impact of your care teams with GetWell Loop.
GMR logo
GMR Online Ordering
GMR Online Ordering allows transports to be initiated within the Cerner patient chart with a secure, HIPAA-compliant connection to authenticate users and automatically populate patient information into the request form.
Groove Health
At Groove Health, we’re dedicated to improving medication adherence with innovative, easy-to-use digital solutions. Our AI-powered platform bridges gaps between patients and clinicians, leading to healthier populations and fewer readmissions.
Handtevy Hospital
Handtevy is an award-winning pediatric resuscitation system designed for clinicians to rapidly access customized, accurate dosing while efficiently documenting code interventions in real-time.
Parachute Health
Parachute makes DME simple, like online ordering. Select Products, qualify patients, track deliveries, chat with vendors, and control post-acute quality.
Keona Health, Inc
Health Desk is a complete Healthcare CRM and telehealth platform designed to enhance safety and perfromance metrics at every level. Health Desk is the only holistic healthcare CRM built specifically to automate your patient access workflows.
MCG Health
MCG Indicia for Admission Documentation with Synapse is an EHR-embedded software solution that delivers evidence-based, patient-relevant decision support to providers making admission determinations.
Yosi Health
Yosi is a pre-arrival, at-home patient intake and registration solution that integrates with Cerner product(s), eliminating wait times, improving patient experience, safety and increasing financial results for your clinical practice.
Health Note logo
Health Note
Health Note is a pre-visit, clinical platform that automates provider notes, intake, consent forms, and check-in. Health Note deeply integrates with Cerner to streamline workflows while improving the patient experience.
Luma Health
Luma Health is the Healthcare Engagement Engine™ built to unify and automate all patient journeys- clinical, operational, financial- to help health systems deliver a patient-centric, accessible, and connected patient experience.
MobileSmith Health's Peri
MobileSmith Health's Peri™ is an intuitive and patient-friendly way to gain visibility and efficiency throughout pre- and post-procedural adherence that reduces cancellations and complications across episodes of care.
Isabel Healthcare, Inc.
Isabel Professional is a Curated Machine Learning differential diagnosis generator. Isabel helps clinicians build and broaden their differential and consider all possibilities to mitigate miss or delayed diagnosis.
HealthTensor uses proprietary algorithms to automatically recommend diagnoses and documentation on behalf of physicians. The result is significantly reduced documentation time, fewer missed diagnoses, and improved documentation.
Heart Pathway
HEART Pathway
HEART Pathway is a clinically validated decision support tool that improves health outcomes, reduces unnecessary healthcare costs and standardizes care for patients presenting to the Emergency Room with chest pain.
Impella Systems
Impella® Systems is designed to optimize safe care of patients undergoing support with the Impella mechanical circulatory support device by streamlining the calculation of an appropriate anticoagulation rate.
Stericycle Communications' InQuicker enables enterprise-wide online self-scheduling to support your patient acquisition strategy. This white-labeled solution integrates into your website for increased patient access and convenience.
InsightRX provides precision dosing software that helps clinicians optimize dosing regimens, reach clinical targets faster, reduce adverse events, and improve patient outcomes—along with tools to track and understand clinical performance..
Lightbeam Health Solutions
Lightbeam SMARTCare Insights
Lightbeam's population health management solution transforms disparate data into a full 360-degree patient picture, bringing true value to value-based care.
Juxly Logo
Juxly Vault
The intuitive interface guides physicians as they identify codes appropriate for their patients. From there, providers can fully document conditions to meet CMS standards quickly and accurately with just a few mouse clicks. Supporting data such as social history, vitals, and lab results are readily accessible, giving providers exactly what they need to ensure accurate coding and excellent patient care.
Juxly Logo
Juxly Timeline
Juxly Timeline integrates with PowerChart to display the right information in the right context to help you provide the best possible care. Display a patient’s entire record on a single screen. Expand details, filter results, and easily find all of the data you need to easily make fully informed health care recommendations.
KATE by Mednition logo
KATE is an AI-powered triage decision support solution for Emergency Department clinicians. KATE enables clinicians to deliver optimal patient care by accurately differentiating clinical risk in real-time at triage.
Kyruus ProviderMatch
ProviderMatch DirectBook allows health systems to enable seamless, direct online appointment scheduling for consumers and access center agents using the Kyruus ProviderMatch&reg; provider search and scheduling platform.
Merging natural language processing with direct online appointment scheduling, Loyal allows patients to search for care and schedule an appointment without missing a step along their healthcare journey.
MedActionPlan PRO
Engage patients to help them understand their medication regimens, improve adherence, and facilitate care transitions. Hundreds of healthcare systems trust MedActionPlan to increase HCAHPS, reduce medication errors, and lower readmissions.
Meducation® makes understanding how to take medications intuitive and simple, to improve patient health outcomes, as well as healthcare providers’ financial performance through enhanced patient experience (HCAHPS scores) and 30-day readmission rate reductions.
Microsoft Teams
Provide seamless virtual visits for your telehealth workflows with Microsoft Teams.
MyHealthDirect provides an omni-channel access platform that guides patients to the right care and enables real-time scheduling: on the web, in call centers, and between provider offices.
MyLegacy collects patient-entered personal and family health history within Cerner's Electronic Health record and patient portal to assess disease risk and provide clinical decision support at the point of care.
UpToDate® Pathways
With the UpToDate ® Pathways FHIR ® app, clinicians can reduce unwanted care variations with evidence-based, patient-specific interactive algorithms targeting common, chronic, and complex conditions that have multiple management, diagnosis, or treatment options. Applicable to United States only.
Developed in collaboration with providers and payers, Patient Education Genius ties your patient education efforts to revenue generating incentives - and reduces your administrative workload at the exact same time.
Qlik Healthcare
The SMART Analytics Adapter embeds analytics in the workflow of clinicians enabling them to seamlessly navigate between patient records and analytical dashboards for more informed decision making.
AI schedule management that gets patients connected to care faster. QueueDr automatically fills schedule gaps, reBooks cancellations, switches appointments to telemedicine, and reschedules no-shows and bumps to maximum utilization.
Relatient is the award-winning, industry top-rated platform for patient engagement who works with medical offices to improve the patient experience and business outcomes for all specialties and numbers of providers.
Reventics RevCDI™
RevCDI&trade; is a point-of-care clinical documentation improvement solution that provides chart specific actionable feedback to physicians to increase revenues and improve compliance in both fee-for-service and value-based care settings.
Rimidi streamlines comprehensive diabetes management for clinicians and patients, helping optimize treatment decisions and patient outcomes.
SeamlessMD enables health systems to elevate the patient experience, improve health outcomes and lower costs through innovative patient technology.
Suki is an AI-powered, voice-enabled digital assistant that reduces physician administrative burden. Speak naturally, and Suki generates a comprehensive and accurate note which integrates with the patient’s Cerner records.
Provation® SurgicalValet™ Perioperative Care Coordination & Quality Reporting Solutions simplify the entire surgical encounter while decreasing case delays and cancellations, shortening lengths of stay, and reducing readmissions.
Gold standard emergency department clinical content embedded within Cerner Millennium that removes the burden of documentation for physicians and puts the focus back on patient care.
Tissue Analytics reduces the rates of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers (HAPUs) and improves wound care documentation workflows by deploying advanced wound analysis in an EMR-integrated module. TA employs proprietary image analysis algorithms and documentation protocols that completely standardize wound documentation, allowing clinicians to make more informed decisions and heal patients faster.
The new VisualDx is an award-winning diagnostic clinical decision support system that has now expanded across general medicine. As the leader in diagnostic accuracy, the software is proven to improve accuracy, save physicians’ time, and enhance patient care.
Wellsheet predicts the most relevant clinical content based on physician specialty and patient diagnoses, dramatically improving the physician experience, health system efficiency, and early intervention for patients.
YouScript Logo
YouScript assesses the cumulative impact of a patient's genetics, drug regimen, and their risk for adverse drug events (ADEs) and suggests appropriate testing and safer alternative drugs or doses in real time.