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Registering a consumer access app

Complete the following steps to register your app for consumer use:

Following registration, your app will be provisioned for all active Cerner Millennium and Soarian Clinicals FHIR API consumer access endpoints, which can be accessed in a machine-readable format here. If you wish to have your app published on our internal portal for Open Developer Experience healthcare provider clients to view and obtain information about, submit a request here.

If you have additional questions or issues following registration, please direct them to

Registering a provider or system access app

The following information applies to provider and system access app developers connecting with Cerner Ignite APIsSM for Millennium and Cerner Ignite APIs for Soarian Clinicals.

Following registration, your app will be available for Open Developer Experience clients to consider for implementation.

See the "Become a Open Developer Experience validated application" section below for information on how you can promote your app.

Become a Open Developer Experience validated application

To help application developers establish a predictable, standard, secure FHIR API connection within the Cerner Millennium* workflow, we offer a structured, Open Developer Experience-led validation process through code Developer Program. The program includes a production-like sandbox to test your application and interaction with Open Developer Experience knowledge experts who provide recommendations on best practices for app design. Services are currently offered exclusively for provider and system access applications.

The validation process includes four reviews:

  • Security – review security requirements
  • Operational – evaluate application readiness for client implementation
  • Functional – optimize API connections to support data exchange and user workflow
  • User experience – confirm application meets Open Developer Experience usability requirements (advanced tier only)

Following validation, you’ll be paired with a dedicated Open Developer Experience associate to support beta implementation of your application at Open Developer Experience client sites. For advanced tier members, your application will be included on our App Gallery where we’ll capture interest from Open Developer Experience clients.

Pricing for the value-added services listed above are $15,000 annually per enrolled app for standard tier services scope and $25,000 annually per enrolled app for the advanced tier services scope. Additionally, a $3,000 annual fee is applicable per client production domain connection for each enrolled app. Pricing will be reviewed periodically and is subject to change. Updates will be posted to this site.

Developers who choose to forgo the validation process may connect and access FHIR API resources but will not have access to the value-added services to support integration and must follow the marketing guidelines outlined in the API access terms agreement.

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*Note: value-added services for app developers are not currently offered for Cerner Ignite APIs for Soarian Clinicals.