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On June 8, 2022, Oracle completed the acquisition of Cerner.

From the start, our goal has been to bring the health care and the development worlds together. Encouraging innovators, both third party vendors and clients, to develop apps that work across existing health records, helps the industry advance the way care is delivered through improved interoperability capabilities.

Open Developer Experience is a digital experience designed to meet market expectations of open communications and enhance collaboration with third-party and client developers with SMART® on FHIR® applications. Robust API documentation, clearly defined guidelines and access to tools enable innovative app development.


Notable resources

App gallery

Explore a selection of validated apps to see how other developers have used Cerner Ignite APIs℠ to bring their big ideas to life. Connect with developers to schedule a demo, get a price quote or request more information. Interested in seeing your app in the gallery? Read about our access and fees.

Open Developer Experience clients contract directly with the applicable third-party developer for access to apps and, as between Open Developer Experience and an Open Developer Experience client, the client assumes all risk, responsibility and liability for all enabled apps. Third party developers may choose (in their sole discretion) to join the Open Developer Experience code program to validate interoperability of their apps with the Open Developer Experience platform. Any validation efforts performed by Open Developer Experience for an app is in no way a representation, guarantee or warranty by Open Developer Experience to the third party developer or Open Developer Experience clients of ongoing interoperability of the app with the Open Developer Experience platform, or the functionality, security, operation, user experience or any other warranties of the underlying app.


Application programming interfaces (APIs) allows third party developers to collaborate with Open Developer Experience to access and manipulate data. Open Developer Experience's platforms are open and extensive, with 41 APIs currently available and more being added. There are a number of integration options that can help extend the platforms to meet a wide range of business needs. Please reference our Millennium documentation and our HealtheIntent documentation

Developer community

Our developer community is a passionate group that is open and collaborative. Post a technical question to the community using our Oracle Health FHIR Developers groups. By accessing or using the Certified Cerner Ignite APIs, you agree to be bound by our Terms of Use.

Open platforms

Together, SMART and FHIR enable clinicians to access pluggable apps directly within their workflow.

Fast Health Interoperability Resources (FHIR)

An API for exchanging electronic health records, with HL7® FHIR® being more convenient for developers. It is based on modern web-based API technology, which makes it easier for systems to exchange granular data elements that make up the patient’s record rather than entire documents. Together, SMART and FHIR enable clinicians to access pluggable apps directly within their workflow.

Substitutable Medical Applications and Reusable Technologies (SMART)

SMART creates application interoperability allowing clinicians to substitute best of breed applications within the EHR. This is a win for developers, because once an app is created with SMART, it can be used across a number of platforms. Innovative developers will be able to reach a broader market of potential users, while at the same time enabling clinicians to have a more robust offering. For more information, check out our tutorial