accelerating an open community of innovation

accelerating an open community of innovation

Cerner Open Developer Experience





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Cerner Open Developer Experience

code is for any innovator interested in developing on our open platforms. This innovation ecosystem is designed for you. Access the documentation and tools that allow you to innovate on top of Cerner’s open platforms. 

Open Platforms

Cerner’s unified Health Network Architecture is designed with three unique open and interoperable platforms that can integrate together or with other systems to connect clinical, operational and financial data across the health care ecosystem. Our open platforms expose standards that make it possible to connect apps or easily transfer discrete data that can be used to empower organizations, people and communities.


electronic health

Cerner Millennium® platform

population health management

HealtheIntentSM platform


device connectivity platform


Integration Options

Cerner Ignite APIs for Millennium allow outside apps to be integrated with the Cerner Millennium EHR platform. These APIs are Cerner’s implementation of SMART Health IT and the HL7® Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) standard.

Simply put, FHIR provides access to data within the EHR. SMART handles the negotiation between an EHR and an app to allow a user experience on top of a secure connection to the FHIR resources for data access.

Cerner Ignite APIs for HealtheIntent allow you to deliver population health information to clinicians, administrators and analysts regardless of the system they are working in. Through use of HealtheIntent APIs you are able to expose the patient’s longitudinal record and other outcomes from across the ecosystem and present that information within the workflow.

Cerner's platforms are open and extensible. There are a number of integration options that can help extend the platforms to meet a wide range of business needs:

  • Advisor
  • CAMM
  • CareAware Device Connectivity
  • CCL
  • HL7v2
  • Innovation Toolkits
  • Interfaces
  • Millennium Web Services
  • MPages